API Documentation Features

API change history, client SDKs, inline service invocation.

Swagger UI

Visualize and interact with the API’s resources using Swagger UI.

Click on "Try it out", enter the parameter values, and execute the operation. See the actual response returned by the service.

Sample API Operation view in Swagger UI.
Authorization feature.

Authorize "Try it out" calls

Authorize your service requests.

Use the "Authorize" button or the lock symbol next to the operation to add authorization required to call the service.

API Change History

Subscribe to a service on its documentation page to get notified about changes to the APIs.

Never break your code by keeping track of changes made to API operations.

Know what operations were added, deleted, or updated by viewing the detailed history of the service.

List of changes to an API operation.
Dropdown for client code download.

Client Code

Download the client code libraries to build applications using the APIs.

Use the code generated to invoke the API operations and quickly start consuming the services.